Our efforts harmonize with the needs of the customers at the moment of the actual demand.
The outsourcing of part work performance-processes causes reinforced self-organization and therefore concentration on required core competence.
Mutual confidence as a basis for business leads to a long lasting reduction of organizational establishing and to a decrease of the regarding costs for transaction for all involved.

Since 1991 we are practising this successfully of benefit to our customers !

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WeBe-world of adventures 

Increasing global competition demands a shorter cycle in innovation .

Besides, the need for engineers is rising continously and rapidly and the number of scientific students is declining. Regarding the resources this leads to the wellknown bottleneck .
We are counteracting: Our global net of legally independent and different partners in production leads to a high innovative and agilene virtual enterprise – this we manage first of all by the intelligent use and organisation of “state-of-the-art” systems of information and communication.